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eCommerce and Point of Sale Basics for Retail Small Business (Archived Webinar recording)

Point of Sale – eCommerce – mCommerce solutions for Small Business

Selling online today is seemingly easier than ever! You hear the advertising online and in television ads on how easy it is to setup an eCommerce website and sell to your customers 24/7. Then, you go to actually do it and it’s another story. We hear this over and over again when clients have attempted eCommerce without knowing the right steps to get started. The aim of a cohesive retail system is to push retail traffic to your Loudoun County-based business. This is something frequently overlooked by business owners starting out or starting out online with selling and marketing their products online. Yes, the opportunity to sell your products to remote locations around the world is great, but the ability to direct walk-in traffic to your local business is greater. In this Web-based presentation, we covered the basics needed to understand what you need to get started in eCommerce, and the tools available to get you there successfully as a local, Loudoun County-based retail shop…the first time!

In this Webinar, we covered:
– Best-practices for planning a Web-connected Point of Sale system;
– Best-practices for planning and implementing an eCommerce or mCommerce solution for your Small Business; and,
– Tools that can help you build out the above effectively for marketing and operational success, and that fits a Small Business budget.

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Ray Sidney-Smith, Web・Social・Mobile Strategist, is the President of W3 Consulting, Managing Director of W3C Web Services, and Editor-in-Chief of Small Business Blog Network. He is also the author of SoLoMo Success, a Hootsuite Global Brand Ambassador, an Evernote Certified Consultant, and a Google Small Business Advisor.

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