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Social Media Tricks & Treats

Follower growth is among the top search queries in social media. You may be stagnant in your follower growth or worse losing followers if you’re making some common content mistakes. This post serves as your October tricks AND treats to aid in the growth of your followers and your overall digital know-how.

Your Content is Boring

Are you sharing the same home for sale? The same October or holiday special across all platforms? Let me ask, do you enjoy watching the same commercial at every break? No. Your followers do not enjoy seeing a multitude of similar posts either. They would prefer to learn the story behind your company. They want to meet the important and new players in your office as well as helping to celebrate you and your endeavors- so share with them!

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Leave Politics for Your In-Person Discussions

Times are radically charged with systems, ideas, and political mayhem regardless of your beliefs. Unless your direct business is of one side or another, leave politics or other spurring topics off of your platforms. Otherwise, you risk alienating at least half of your current following as well as those who may look to follow you in the future. As we say in the social media world, stay in your lane when possible.


Your Content is Unoriginal

I hate to break it to you but if you’re borrowing content from other sources and reposting it (which is an infringement in the most basic of ways) you are simply on borrowed engagement. I implore you to create original, value-added content in order to help tell your story and build a solid foundation for your company.


Your Content is Inconsistent

Posting once a week is commendable for being on one’s radar but to truly move the needle and create a foundation more consistency is necessary. I recommend a minimum of 3 times a week on a platform such as Facebook for engagement building and growth. This may be a daunting task if a business has multiple platforms. A dedicated manager or team is advisable to focus solely on a company’s digital presence. Please note that this team should be comprised of individuals who know, well, the voice and goals of the company as a whole- a task for more than an intern for sure.

Avoiding these pitfalls will help to well-round your endeavors and build your story online and in circles for networking.

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