By Jennifer Brown, Founder and CEO of PeopleTactics

When is the last time you “checked-in” with your employees? I’m not talking about having a staff meeting; rather I’m talking about just seeing how they are doing. If you are like most business owners, the answer may be “it’s been awhile” or even “I’m not sure”. Given everything you have to do to run your business, it’s easy to forget to take a few minutes to just check-in with someone. However, the few minutes that it takes to do this will pay off in a big way…it helps employees to feel valued and connected to you and your company. This helps to increase employee satisfaction and retention. It may also give you insight into any issues the employee is facing or help they may need. This helps you to prevent problems that can take your energy, time, and money to fix later.


Here are some easy ways to “check-in” with your employees:

  • Send them an email (or even a text). Ask them how they are doing. It can be as simple as “Just a note to say ‘hello’. How are you? How is the work going? Let me know if I can help you with anything.”
  • Call them. I prefer this approach to the email or text because it signifies that you have taken the extra step to actually pick up the phone and engage in a discussion with them.
  • If you and your employee work in the same office, go by their office and talk with them for a few minutes.
  • Take them to lunch. This takes a bit more time, but will really allow you to continue to develop a relationship with your employees, learn about them, and get their feedback on what’s working well and what could be improved.

Showing you care and are interested in your employees is one of the best ways to prevent HR problems. So take a few minutes today to “check-in” with them.

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