As we take time this month to count our blessings and be thankful, let us not forget our followers. Doomed is the business that does not interact. By nature, social media is a platform for discussion and interaction. We find all too often that businesses are collecting followers but not utilizing them as people. The following suggestions and strategies are great ways to show followers the gratitude they deserve.

Strategy 1: It’s Not About the Number

Numbers, especially large numbers, are awesome but what do they mean without engagement? In short, nothing. A large number of followers without comments, shares or likes is akin to shouting into a room before the party begins. Businesses will be much more successful if they have an active following versus one that is silent. Advertisers looking for new influencers are becoming savvier. They are starting to notice not only follower number but engagement as well. A company may well have thousands of followers, but one or two ‘likes’ per post isn’t going to cut it.

Strategy 2: Variety is Key

Variety is the spice of social media. This refers to platform usage as well as types of content. A business will want to have a presence on several platforms for many reasons. The biggest reason being that algorithms and platforms change. One day a business’ content could be performing well and the next it disappears. Whether this is due to a glitch or bug, or if it is due to a new algorithm rollout, a business’ social presence should have other avenues to share its content. When this happens, let the platform rest- post as necessary, but don’t obsess over the changes. Take the time to explore and beef up the presence on another platform.

Strategy 3: Relationships Equal ROI

Any decent digital marketer will stress the importance of storytelling and building relationships within the content. A stronger presence of content that resonates with the audience help followers to connect with a business both online and in the real world. Social media will not create new clients or be a magic money-making button. A strong digital presence will support a business’ thought leadership and subject matter expertise. It will help to build trust and create an emotional relationship with potential clients.


Social media is a necessary part of a business plan, but it will not be the only thing a business must do to bring in new business.

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