It’s your small business’ busy time of year – things are getting out of control. Clients are calling because the gadget you sold them is broken. You’re attorney is breathing down your neck for more information about the break. Your supplier isn’t returning your calls. Your daughter calls in tears because the dog pooped on the floor – and she stepped in it. You’ve just pushed off your overdue doctor’s appt for the 5th time. It’s 5:40pm and your son needs new practice gear BEFORE tonight’s practice at 6pm.

As a small business owner, we’ve all had those crazy nonstop days. When do you squeeze in time for you?

Answer: In every crevice you can find.

Time for a cup of coffee? If you can leave the office to get something made fresh just for you – DO IT! On the drive, turn off the music and listen to yourself breathe. Feel your body inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale. Tell yourself it’s time to let it go. LET IT GO. Whatever is causing the chaos, let it go. It will be there when you get back to the office, but it won’t feel as severe as when you left.

If you can’t, while walking to refill your cup, focus again on just your breathe. Allow your mind to tell you to “let it go”. Say the words in your mind “let it go”, “let work go”, “let everything go” with every step you take. It doesn’t have to be these words exactly, but it does need to be something that works for YOU!

Headed to the rest room? Stay in the stall for a couple more minutes and just breathe. Stop yourself from the whirling chaos in your mind and focus on just your breath. I know it’s not an ideal place to find peace, but where else can you find privacy in a busy office? (P.S. I do this all the time. It’s a life-saver!)

Change your body position. I find myself stuck in the same position for hours at a time. Just a small shift – from rolled shoulders to sitting or standing up straight. Stretch out your arms and feel the muscles lose some tension. March at your desk. I’m not saying you need to replicate a high-knee march in place, but just a little step, step, step, step in place to get the blood moving!

Stuck in a business meeting? Stand up! Even if it’s just for a minute or so. If anyone asks, just tell ’em you needed to stretch. It might even catch on!

When you shift your body position, you also shift your mood! Breathe a little deeper and “let it all go” even if just for a few seconds. Your focus will come back to where it should be and the stress level will decrease.

Clearing your mind in these small crevices of time is a LIFE SAVER! You’ll get back to your day refreshed, focused and with a mindset that can help you regain control of your small business. Suddenly the chaos doesn’t feel as chaotic as it did before.