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Success comes from the 6 human needs

We all have 6 human needs that we meet on a daily basis. Your small business needs to meet them too! Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection (or Love), Growth and Contribution.

How we meet these needs is critical to our success, but how we meet the needs of our customer takes us to a whole new level!

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Some questions to ask yourself…

Can our customer be CERTAIN we’ll be there when they need us? Do we have an emergency number set up? How about an email auto responder so they know their email is important to us? Do we have a follow up plan in place to do a customer checkup?

Are we able to offer a VARIETY of services that meet their individual needs? Are there ways we can customize our service to better suit the customer’s needs? Can we find a way to communicate that’s more engaging? Should we host a customer appreciation event?

Does our customer know how SIGNIFICANT they are to us? What have you done to make them feel special? Have we thanked them for their business? Have we sent holiday cards and offered discounts to them for being such a great customer? Have we rewarded them in some way for referrals?

Is there a better way to CONNECT with our customer? A personal phone call? A handwritten note? Have we reached out to them in a variety of ways? The use of blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook pages and other methods of social media can reach out to our customer in a VARIETY of ways!

Are we meeting our customer’s needs as they GROW? Have we followed up with them to congratulate them on the big things going on in their business and in their lives?

What else can we do to CONTRIBUTE to our customers and their community? As a small business it is imperative we create goodwill gestures that truly give back to the community. Contribution is the number one way to create goodwill among your customers and introduce yourself to new customers!

As small business owners we all want to be everything we can be to our customers. They rely on us to perform tasks that help them either every day, or maybe we provide one time services. What are some creative ways we can meet all these HUMAN needs in our business?

Roll up your sleeves and comment below! I want to hear all about it!

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