It’s been a rough morning at my office. Lots of deadlines, confusion, and some miss communication filled my buzzing brain with cortisol and a bit of adrenaline, but NOT in a good way.

So I took a step outside and got something to eat.

While I was headed to the restaurant I was still carrying that stress with me.

WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF? Thoughts of work and the pressure of everything was still buzzing through my brain and I couldn’t let it go.

That’s when I made the conscious decision to shift my state of mind. And I did it in under 30 seconds.

Think to yourself – what is the opposite of stress?

In my case, I thought of peace! A peaceful beach, lounging in the sun with an umbrella drink in hand, sipping it lazily in the Caribbean sun.

I put myself back in that moment. Suddenly my entire mood shifted.

As I walked back into the office I brought with me an entirely new me than what was there just a few minutes before.

Relaxed, still energized, but without the stress.

It ended up being a very productive day, with out all the craziness that had started in the morning.

Feeling stressed? Try it for yourself. What’s the opposite of stress for you? Peace? Pleasure? Happiness?

What ever it is, take a few moments to take yourself back there. You’ll be happy you did!