A URL shortener is a tool that makes a long URL shorter in length while still sending those who click to the correct page.  Shorter links reduce clutter in your posts. It is also a great way to get some metrics about your posts.

There are several tools out there that will take the URL to your content and shorten it. You want to pick a tool and start doing this all the time. Here’s why.

Why Short URLs Matter

Some social media channels automatically shorten URLs, but you want to use the same tool for all of your posts. That way, you can a more complete view of the performance of your content across all uses.

There are several shorteners. I list three most commonly used tools below. They offer varying tracking features, but using any of them will tell you what’s getting clicked (and what’s not). This is invaluable insight for online marketing efforts.

Three Popular URL Shorteners 


This URL shortening service offers tracking metrics so you know exactly how many people are clicking on your link. When you sign up for a free account, you can actually share links right on your dashboard and then see the data that goes along with each share.


This shortener is integrated into Hootsuite, but you can use the shortened URLs anywhere you post. It offers real-time analytics, sharing functionality, and will give you advice about the best time to post a link.


Link shortening with buff.ly is available on all plans. Buffer also gives you a dashboard that allows you to share links right from their site and then see real-time analytics. You can also shorten a URL and use it anywhere you compose and post.

Insight You Can Use

Once you get into the groove of using one of these tools for all of your online posts, you will get useful insight into what content is getting clicks. Further, you’ll know what content performs well on your various marketing channels.

Use the information to refine your digital marketing. Put more time into content that is getting attention and put aside great ideas that just aren’t performing.

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