It’s October once again. Time for tricks, treats and getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Whether you are preparing for increased holiday sales or looking to add new clients in Q4, your social media presence is important.

Here are 5 Twitter tricks (or treats) to sweeten your social presence.

Trick 1:

Update your profile and cover photos. 
If you are the face of your brand, change your photo to match. Followers are more likely to follow and engage with a brand they can connect to a person rather than an image. If you prefer a logo for your brand make sure it is bright and clear. Also, update your cover photo to match the current season or new images of your latest products. If you’re a real estate agent, create a collage of photos of available houses in your area. If you are promoting products that can be ordered, showcase those products in a clear, eye-catching way. MLM groups may provide appropriately sized images for your social platforms. Check the resources section of your brand’s portal.

Trick 2:

Follow for conversation, not reciprocation.
The follow-for-follow or follow-unfollow games are a short-sighted endeavor. The number of followers matters less than the engagement your content creates. The ROI of your time is better spent engaging and following 100 of your ideal clients than 10,000 people who won’t ever convert to clients or customers. If you are finding and conversing with people and brands who engage in thoughtful conversations you’re well on your way to a healthy social presence. One way to determine if someone is a follower who will stick around is to look at the numbers. Do they have 10k followers but only follow 100 people? They probably play the follow and unfollow game. Do they have engagement on their content? If not, they’re probably not engaging their audience and may not interact with you either.

Trick 3:

Participate in Twitter Chats.
Each industry has its players. Many of those players host and participate in Twitter chats. These are digital meetings where users can engage with one another around a specific topic. They are able to follow the conversation using a chat-specific hashtag. One of my favorite weekly Twitter Chats for digital marketers is #TwitterSmarter. Tweet Reports has a growing list of Twitter Chats organized by hashtags. You can check it out here. If you can’t find a chat that meets your needs, maybe start one of your own!

Trick 4:

Have patience.
They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a healthy Twitter presence. You will need to interact with current and new followers consistently. The more you interact and engage, the faster your following will grow. This takes time, energy and content. If you’re unable to dedicate the time necessary to growing your following and promoting your presence you may want to seek assistance. Many agencies exist that can help you to create and curate content that you can share with your current and potential followers.

Trick 5:

Have a clear voice.
You know your ideal client, your products and services and you have the expertise in your industry. Develop your brand’s voice and tone when responding to a variety of topics: customer service needs, new product announcements, general conversation. Your unique voice will help you to have an identifiable presence on social media. Vanilla is great for ice cream, not so much for your attitude online.


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