The holidays are right around the corner! It’s a time for family and gathering with loved ones.

Wait a second – you run a business. How on earth will you have time for that?

Easy. You have to make time. Maybe you need to combine the two. Either way, get it on your calendar NOW.

Here are three idea’s that combine clients, employees, friends and family!

1. Host an open house.
It can be at your office or your home. Clients & employees in the afternoon, then family and friends in the evening! Have some fresh catering brought in for the later crowd or do a pot luck.

2. Happy Hour anyone?
I’m hosting a girl’s night to catch up with the beautiful women in my life. Some are clients, some are people I’ve done business with and every single one of them I consider a close friend.

I love this idea! You’ve been in business for a while, and sometimes we get stuck. Gather your friends, family and clients for a game night (brainstorming session) in your home, office or at a restaurant. Grab an easel and some of the easel sized post-it’s, tell your friends and family a little more about your business and ask them to brainstorm with you. Make it fun! Give away some prizes! A member of your crowd could come up with something you never thought of. Or maybe you thought of doing it and but were scared to try. Or your 4 year old niece shouts out “Lollipops!” Hey – lollipops with your brand on them could be HUGE!

Whatever you decide to do, make it special. If it’s special for those around you, it’ll be special for you as well.