The average a piece of content posted to social media gets fewer than eight social shares.  What can you do to beat the average? Plenty.

Include Share Buttons on Your Blog

Your own blog should be a hub of your social sharing. Make sure your blog posts have share buttons. You can pick the options you want to offer, but Facebook and share to email are the big ones. Make sure your share buttons are easy to find.

Focus on the Headline

Most people won’t read past your headline. In fact, a lot of people will share something based on a great headline and never actually read the content! Great content hidden behind a boring headline will be a bust. Spend as much time on your headline as you do on the content. Really.

Provide Great Content

If you want people to share your content, you need to create content that is of value. You want your reader to think your content is worthy of sharing. It is the value that your content provides that makes people like and share your content.

…And Great Images

Posts with images get the most views and shares on all social networking. Having a great image with every post is a must.

Share Your Own Content

Social media is a crowded space. You can’t assume that your target audience will see every post wherever you publish it. Help with the visibility of your content by sharing every post on every social channel where you are active. You never know where it will catch someones’s interest (and earn a share).

Ask for Shares

Sometimes the most effective approach is the most straightforward: Ask readers to share your content. Simply asking “please share” can be the prompt that gets you more engagement.

Mention Other People

Mentions of other people can increase the reach of your content. Tag others and link to their social accounts whenever applicable. Who doesn’t want to share when they are mentioned on social media?