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Turn NO into KNOW

As a small business owner, you’ve heard “No” a million and one times, if not more!

But what are you doing with the No’s? Are you collecting them for a rainy day?

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Well guess what?! It’s been raining since Monday and it’s not stopping anytime soon! Must be time to learn something.

Hearing NO is an opportunity for us to learn something NEW. It’s time to turn NO into KNOW.

So what are you learning when you hear No?

Maybe my pitch isn’t right.

Maybe I’m focused on the wrong thing.

Maybe I’m not listening to my client/customer.

When we hear the word “no” it’s so easy to lose ourselves in the negative aspect of the word. Sometimes we miss the opportunity to learn from those no’s.

What can you change for the next time? NO is the perfect opportunity to assess and shift what you are trying to accomplish.

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Ann Ball

Entrepreneur at ACB Services LLC
I help my clients find freedom in their lives and make their dreams come true. What's stopping you? Schedule your free session with me now!  
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