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5 Steps to Leverage Influencers on Social Media

Social media influencers are people with networks and interests that can help share your brand message. Your brand should be intentional in leveraging your influencers. There are five basic steps to developing an effective influencer campaign.

Set the Goal for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

To build a successful influencer marketing program for your business, know your marketing goal and define a goal for the campaign that supports that goal. You will want to tap into what influencers do – influence.

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Here are some marketing goals that influencers can help with.

  • Content promotion
  • Product promotion
  • Product advantage
  • Content creation
  • Event management

Identify Your Influencers

Social media influencers are social media users who have an established credibility and audience. These are users who persuade others.

Influencers typically:

  • Have a large and engaged audience
  • Are active on social media and post frequently
  • Are authentic, credible, respected
  • Connect to your brand or industry as evidenced by the content of posts and/or the people in their audience

Know what you are looking for and then find the influencers that fit. The easiest way to find your brand influencers is use search tools on various social media channels to explore who’s already posting about your brand online.

Also look for recommendations. Social influencers tend to know other influencers. Once you’ve identified influencers, ask them to recommend others who are similar. Some social media networks, such as Instagram and Twitter will give you recommendations when you follow an influencer on the platform.

Reach Out to Influencers

To start these relationships off on the right foot, make sure you focus on building a strong relationship. Reach out directly to influencers and get to know them. Give support and information before you start to ask for anything.

Provide Rewards

Offer appropriate incentives. Influencers are not necessarily looking for monetary rewards. Consider their interests:

  • Increase their reach/grow their audience
  • Quality content
  • Perks like behind the scenes views, insider scoops, product previews
  • Unique experiences

Measure Your Results

Define your measures of success and take periodic assessments. Adjust to do more of what works well and less of the activities that aren’t showing results.

As with all social media, influencer marketing should be viewed over the long-term. If you take time to create healthy relationships with influencers, you should see results over time.


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Jill Kurtz is owner of Kurtz Digital Strategy. She works with small businesses to create successful digital marketing plans that make the best use of websites, social media, and more.

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