Turn NO into KNOW

Turn NO into KNOW

As a small business owner, you’ve heard “No” a million and one times, if not more!

But what are you doing with the No’s? Are you collecting them for a rainy day?

Well guess what?! It’s been raining since Monday and it’s not stopping anytime soon! Must be time to learn something.

Hearing NO is an opportunity for us to learn something NEW. It’s time to turn NO into KNOW.

So what are you learning when you hear No?

Maybe my pitch isn’t right.

Maybe I’m focused on the wrong thing.

Maybe I’m not listening to my client/customer.

When we hear the word “no” it’s so easy to lose ourselves in the negative aspect of the word. Sometimes we miss the opportunity to learn from those no’s.

What can you change for the next time? NO is the perfect opportunity to assess and shift what you are trying to accomplish.

The Resolution You Didn’t Make

The Resolution You Didn’t Make

Happy New Year!

I’m sure you’ve been busy the last few months making plans for 2019. All small business owners do. Now that 2019 is here, you’re digging in your heels and ready to initiate all those fabulous ideas and goals.

What about the resolution you didn’t make? Do you know what it is?

You need to resolve to not over-plan, over-step, over-indulge, over-stress.

Look at your list. How long is it? How much is going to get done this year, and what needs to be reconsidered for a later time?

I love your energy! Your enthusiasm is infectious! But if one thing goes wrong, those big plans could blow up in your face.

So how do you sidestep these potential explosions?

Plan for them! Seriously. You need to think of every eventuality that can get in the way of your most important goals. If you have plans B, C and D in place, moving on from plan A won’t be so daunting.

If you find that list is long and cumbersome, rethink it. Maybe it’s the priority that needs to change so you are able to chunk your goals into bite sized pieces. Once the important goals are out of the way, you can look at those other goals – stretch goals – and successfully check them off your list!


You’re Best Stress Reliever

It’s that time of year when stress can be overwhelming. Commitments to your business, your employees, and your clients are already at the top of your stress list. Now you have the added stress of the holidays, family, and friends. You’re over scheduled, there’s no time to shop and the daylight hours are shrinking until the winter solstice.

What’s the best way to deal with holiday stress? 4 simple words. TAKE CARE OF YOU.

What do you mean? When do I have time to take care of me?

You have to carve it out. If you don’t take care of you, your list of to-do’s will continue to feel overwhelming. Do you want to do that to yourself?

Of course not!

That’s what I thought.

How do I find the time?

Let’s start by taking a look at your schedule. Do you see any open areas you can use to de-stress?


Seriously? Do you have time to shower? Brush your teeth? Believe me, there’s always time, and you need to make yourself a PRIORITY. Don’t get sucked into the vortex that is holiday stress. It’s not worth your mental health.

Okay, okay… I have 5 minutes between meetings. It’s my bathroom break.

PERFECT! Then you have a little time to de-stress. Go to the restroom, or another private place where you can find some quiet.  Sit down if you can, but it’s not required.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Listen to your breath.
  3. Breathe slowly in and out.
  4. Do this for one minute or more.
  5. Clear your mind with each breath.

These are the basics of meditation and studies have shown meditation has profound positive effects for your health.

Another option is a walking meditation. It’s done the same way, but walking. Be sure to keep your eyes open! If you can do it outside in nature, even better!


I wish you Happy Holidays and a fabulous, less stressful New Year!


Three simple ways to grow your business and celebrate the holidays at the same time.

Three simple ways to grow your business and celebrate the holidays at the same time.

The holidays are right around the corner! It’s a time for family and gathering with loved ones.

Wait a second – you run a business. How on earth will you have time for that?

Easy. You have to make time. Maybe you need to combine the two. Either way, get it on your calendar NOW.

Here are three idea’s that combine clients, employees, friends and family!

1. Host an open house.
It can be at your office or your home. Clients & employees in the afternoon, then family and friends in the evening! Have some fresh catering brought in for the later crowd or do a pot luck.

2. Happy Hour anyone?
I’m hosting a girl’s night to catch up with the beautiful women in my life. Some are clients, some are people I’ve done business with and every single one of them I consider a close friend.

I love this idea! You’ve been in business for a while, and sometimes we get stuck. Gather your friends, family and clients for a game night (brainstorming session) in your home, office or at a restaurant. Grab an easel and some of the easel sized post-it’s, tell your friends and family a little more about your business and ask them to brainstorm with you. Make it fun! Give away some prizes! A member of your crowd could come up with something you never thought of. Or maybe you thought of doing it and but were scared to try. Or your 4 year old niece shouts out “Lollipops!” Hey – lollipops with your brand on them could be HUGE!

Whatever you decide to do, make it special. If it’s special for those around you, it’ll be special for you as well.

Productivity Booster! From Stress to PEACE in 30 Seconds

Productivity Booster! From Stress to PEACE in 30 Seconds

It’s been a rough morning at my office. Lots of deadlines, confusion, and some miss communication filled my buzzing brain with cortisol and a bit of adrenaline, but NOT in a good way.

So I took a step outside and got something to eat.

While I was headed to the restaurant I was still carrying that stress with me.

WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF? Thoughts of work and the pressure of everything was still buzzing through my brain and I couldn’t let it go.

That’s when I made the conscious decision to shift my state of mind. And I did it in under 30 seconds.

Think to yourself – what is the opposite of stress?

In my case, I thought of peace! A peaceful beach, lounging in the sun with an umbrella drink in hand, sipping it lazily in the Caribbean sun.

I put myself back in that moment. Suddenly my entire mood shifted.

As I walked back into the office I brought with me an entirely new me than what was there just a few minutes before.

Relaxed, still energized, but without the stress.

It ended up being a very productive day, with out all the craziness that had started in the morning.

Feeling stressed? Try it for yourself. What’s the opposite of stress for you? Peace? Pleasure? Happiness?

What ever it is, take a few moments to take yourself back there. You’ll be happy you did!