It’s Hell Being An Entrepreneur – It’s Easy To Overwork

It’s Hell Being An Entrepreneur – It’s Easy To Overwork

As a life coach I talk about healthy boundaries quite a bit. But as a “struggling” entrepreneur it’s easy to lose this concept in the need and desire to create success and abundance in my professional world. I grew up with parents who had a strong work ethic. “Hard work will bring you success.” That was their belief, mantra and life motto for everything. Well, as an adult, I agree with that to an extent, but I also believe in balance. How do we find balance as a business owner?

We take our work home. We wake up in the middle of the night with a great fb ad. We answer our phones at dinner and after hours. The social media is on 24/7 just like our brains. When to turn it all of? How? Why?

I don’t know about you, but I need down time. I need “me” time. I need “we” time. I need exercise time. I need mental health time. And I need creative time. If I don’t block out times for these things, I will burn out, ruin relationships, and become a shell of the person I truly want to be. I tell all of my clients that “they” matter. They are not more important than anyone else – but just as important as everyone else. So, why is this concept so difficult to create in my business world?

As I write this, I haven’t blocked off time to exercise/ride horses for next week. So, off I go to my iPad to make sure I don’t book clients or networking functions on these days/times. I need to commit and remind myself that I am not being lazy or selfish by blocking time out of my calendar for me/we/creative/mental health time. I am in this for the long haul. Remembering that no matter how hard I work today, there will always be more work tomorrow. Knowing that I deserve balance in my life. Without balance there is no “happy” and I’m all about finding my HAPPY!

If you’re reading this and you’re an entrepreneur, make sure you create balance in your life. It’s easy to overwork…

Cindy Battino, owner of Transformational Healing, is a Transformational Life Coach and Energy Worker.

It’s Hell Being An Entrepreneur – Marketing Should Be A Four Letter Word

Marketing is complicated. I remember when marketing was primarily print ads (remember the yellow pages?) and mailings. Now we have the Social Media with facebook ads and banners, Tweets and hashtags, Instagram, Snapchat, and lots lots more! We have print ads, blogs, articles, radio, blog talk radio, podcasts, You Tube, Google ads, websites, email blasts, video, networking, speaking engagements and too much more to be able to count. Oh. and SEO’s so we come up first on a Google Search. Where do we start? What is right for our business and what isn’t? How do we decide to spend our dollars that is responsible, wise and effective? Am I the only one confused out there??

Back to throwing spaghetti against a wall. My business coach says: “Try something for a while, track leads, track time, track cost and then see if you should continue or try something different.” Meanwhile you have lost time and money if what you think should work didn’t work. But, he’s usually right, so I listen. I have found that tracking is the key and you can figure out if your marketing strategy is effective pretty quickly. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time. When something works, do it again and do it bigger. Everyone will have a different experience. Do what works for you, your time and your financial ability.

I find that when people meet me, then they refer and/or hire me. So, in person marketing seems to work best for me. Networking, speaking, one to one’s, lead shares, etc. These are my current focus. Of course, I still do my facebook and LinkedIn time if not daily, weekly. I love to write so I make sure I write a couple of blogs/articles per month. I love to speak and share, so I am having short 90 second videos produced. I get out to one networking function each week – sometimes two or three. Like a great business coach and friend once said to me: “Cindy, how can they want to hire you if they don’t know you exist?”

Want some help in the marketing department? My friend and marketing genius, Bonnie Taylor, has written a marketing bible that everyone should buy: I Think I need Marketing.