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Message from Robin Suomi, MBA
Principal of Startup to Growth, LLC
Community Ambassador for Loudoun Small Business blog 

We love our vibrant group of entrepreneurs in Loudoun County, and stand ready to help our small business owners become a part of our exciting online community, If you have questions or comments about the Loudoun Small Business blog, I’d love to hear from you!  Please contact me at: 

Robin Suomi, MBA
[email protected]


Startup to Growth, LLC, helps unleash the vitality, innovation, and creativity of entrepreneurs as they start and grow successful and sustainable businesses. As a champion for small businesses, they help maximize the small business owner’s potential for success through support, training, counseling/coaching/mentoring and making strategic connections within their extensive local, regional and nationwide network of professionals. As a team, they work together with the entrepreneur to identify the most important strategic issues they are facing and finding solutions the entrepreneur can execute.

Programs consist of seminars, workshops, Premier Growth Mastermind Teams,  Quickstart Mastermind Groups  and 1-1 business counseling/coaching.

Your Business. Our programs. Your success.
Together, we’ve got this!

Small Business Startup Expert

Robin Suomi, MBA, Principal of Startup to Growth, LLC, is proud to be your Community Ambassador for Loudoun Small

Robin has assisted thousands of small business owners for over 10 years start and/or grow their companies. She combines a unique background of small business technical assistance consulting with her skills as a trained coach and facilitator to find actionable solutions for client challenges.  Her new online course, How to Start a Business: Your Successful Launch, will be available in July 2017.  Robin can be reached at [email protected] or at 703-850-7475.