How to Build Positive Relationships Online (for your business)

How to Build Positive Relationships Online (for your business)

Dating apps and websites are at an all-time high. People find love in all kinds of places, and your consumers and clients can fall in love with your business and brand too! Don’t worry; this is not that type of blog. As we all know a sense of community, of belonging, is imperative to positive interactions. Social media in the name evokes a sense of community. The purpose of using social media in business is to help tell the story of your company and build positive relationships with your followers.

Can You Really Build Positive Relationships Online?

Like it or not, you are at a disadvantage from the beginning when building a digital presence for your business. Consumers in this day and age are not only skeptical but often distrusting of businesses on social media. Do not fear! This mountain is small, and you can climb it with a little consistent effort. Consumers today seek transparency and trust in their interactions with businesses online. So be genuine! Twitter is a huge component for the cheers and jeers type mentality as it gets rapid results. Businesses who interact professionally yet in a way that is relatable and human often find themselves with an easier path to traverse. Businesses who take a snarky or sarcastic approach (unless done very well in rare cases) can harm their brand. Mainstream media picks up on the well done, and not-so-well-done social interactions of businesses and their consumers. The ability for you to communicate exists- you simply have to start interacting.

The Best Way to Build Positive Relationships

The best way for you to build positive relationships between your brand and your consumers is to show up. Social media is not a mentality of “I made a Facebook page, bring on the followers.” but one of consistent value-added sharing. You need to show up and share regularly on your social platforms. For this reason, many businesses outsource their social strategy; it’s a full-time commitment when done correctly. Part of showing up to your followers includes being a consumer of the platform. Not only must you post consistently and with value, but you must also engage in other ways. You should be liking, sharing and commenting on posts that reflect your values or those which you support. You must spend some time getting to know your followers, their likes, and dislikes as well as other brands similar to yours that they follow. Appearing in places other than your Facebook Business Page or your Instagram feed are great ways to showcase your well-rounded social side.

Note that this is the best way, not the easiest way. As an entrepreneur, you know that good things take time and the same is true for your digital presence. If you invest your time, or your funding in creating a strong, meaningful social strategy, your foundation for building those positive relationships will be strong.

Remember, your business lives and breathes online, give it the opportunity to shine!

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