Once Upon a Business- A Digital Story

Once Upon a Business- A Digital Story

*Based on a true story- names have been hidden to protect the successful*

Think Digital

Once upon a time, there was a government contractor. They were in their 5th or 6th year of business and plodding along. They weren’t in danger nor were they ‘raking it in’ per say in terms of clients or business but they were doing just fine. Deep down in their business-loving souls, they knew there was more. More they could be doing in a digital sense, more they could be saying and more they could be meeting. But how? What was the missing piece? How could they turn their strengths into selling points and create warm leads out of new interactions?

Then, their fearless leader found a digital marketing fairy. Someone who spoke to them about a world online where they could share their stories, meet new people and reconnect with like-minded businesses who needed their services. Was it too good to be true? Could they really use the web to connect across the country? Across the world?
The digital fairy said, yes!

But the company didn’t have the time or the knowledge to take on yet another something that wasn’t front-line-business worthy. How could it all be done? The fairy said she had a way!

But it will take work…

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a digital portfolio. The company and the digital marketer worked together to solidify their messaging, develop their brand voice and connect their goals to their outreach online. It took some trial and error based on their industry and how they wanted to interact on the different platforms. Once they had their goals and voice decided, they were off to the races. They posted, and posted again: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more! Posting each work day without fail. They shared industry news, company highlights, and celebrations as well as takeaways from local events.

Little by little, they connected with those in their target industries. They interacted online in a way that made person-to-person meetings comfortable and productive. Partnerships formed through true relationships and they supported one another’s efforts with the diligence of a competition cheer team.
They were, the bell of the social ball!

Too good to be true?

Yet, midnight was approaching. Would it all be for naught? Could everything they build disappear in a flash?
They re-evaluated their endeavors regularly, tweaked their approaches as the platforms changed and developed new initiatives to attract their ideal clients. Their hard work, persistence, and postings were a success!

Yet, their work continues. Still, they post, still, they plan and still, they connect.

Ever active, ever forward!


Are you interested in creating a digital presence that aids in the success of your goals? Start by finding a digital marketing company or professional that understands your needs and can help you to discover and promote your brand’s voice. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please email [email protected], today!